CDR brings not only experience, but an understanding of the process of development from inception to community build out.  As communities literally grow from ground up, transitions occur which our experienced team members can anticipate and provide guidance based on experience to smooth out these transitions.  We envision what the neighborhood will be like in 20 years and make every effort to ensure a long term success story. 

Working with the POA and community managers, services and approach can be tailored to the needs of the community.

The activities of CDR are entirely funded by the construction process. Typically, a one-time review fee is paid by the contractor at the initial review and covers a prescribed number of modification and landscape reviews. Neither the POA nor the developer will pay for this service. Often, a refundable bond is paid by the builder and refunded completely or partially depending on the outcome of the Certificate of Compliance. Since the Architectural Review Board is typically a committee of the POA, CDR is acting as an agent and held harmless by either the POA or Community Association, as is customary for any standing committee.

Similarly, a review process is normally instituted for post-occupancy homeowner projects to ensure consistency with the longer term vision of the community.


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